Our history

Your bridge between
cosmetic surgery
and your bathroom.

Skin Office Paris was born three years ago out of the desire to bring together the best French experts and aesthetic surgeons to develop targeted solutions with visible, clinically proven results. The excellence that guides us combines the proven performance of the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine with uncompromising naturalness.

Skin Office Paris is a high-end beauty brand born of a pact between nature and the latest advances in aesthetic medicine.

At Skin Office Paris, we believe in the science of the skin and the expertise of the face, and because not every aesthetic solution requires an intervention, we've created a bridge between cosmetic surgery and your bathroom.

A unique
innovative brand.

Our mission is not to create a complete range of products, but to create unique products that treat specific areas with precision and immediate results. This quest for excellence requires several years of research and development before we can design the ideal product.

Our research team has worked assiduously to develop an advanced formula that targets the first signs of ageing in the eye area (dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, upper eyelids), enriched with premium natural ingredients selected for their nourishing and regenerating properties.

After 101 formulas, we launched our first product, Eye Recipe, a perfect combination of natural active ingredients, boosted by Noa System® technology and a unique texture.

  • 94% observe brighter eyes.
  • 92% observe a reduction in the appearance of dark circles.
  • 92% observe an immediate tightening effect. Because you're never more fulfilled than when you radiate vitality, Skin Office Paris has just one mission: to fully reveal your beauty.

In life, everything starts with meeting new people and sharing knowledge.

For 20 years, as a creative director in the cosmetics industry with the world's leading brands, I traveled the world and met passionate and extraordinary people. This experience in the world of cosmetics made me realize how important the look plays in a woman's self-confidence and beauty.

In August 2019, I had the opportunity to meet French surgeons and discuss the future of cosmetic surgery and our vision of cosmetics.
Together, we came up with the idea of creating an eco-responsible brand that rejects the "always more" of beauty routines in favor of real effectiveness.

Choosing a part of the face as fragile and visible as the eyes was an obvious choice, but at the same time a real challenge, as it's the most difficult area to treat.

After a long formulation journey with the doctors' collective and a Parisian laboratory, we carried out tests in August 2022 with 100 women, to check whether this product really made a difference. The results were extraordinary, which encouraged us to launch and offer you a unique product, a jewel of performance that proves its incredible results every day.