A look back at the Innerskin X Skin Office Paris evening


The Innerskin x Skin Office Paris evening brought together some 50 guests in the Marais district of Paris, responding to an exclusive invitation for an immersive exploration into the world of beauty and skincare.

The evening's program included the exceptional opportunity to test Innerskin's Visia 7 skin diagnosis and discover Skin Office Paris' new Eye Recipe eye care product through a personalized experience with professional make-up artist Sylvie Mainville.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, we had the privileged opportunity to exchange with the guests, around our common interest in skincare, gathering your experiences, advice and discoveries. Together with Meggi Partouche, founder of Skin Office Paris, we were delighted by the deep interest in the product's composition, ingredients and commitment to naturalness. 

For the occasion, we wanted to offer a more personalized experience, so Sylvie Mainville, a professional make-up artist, was on hand to offer expert advice on the optimal application of Eye Recipe. She offered eye contour massage sessions, featuring the exclusive massage tool, followed by a customized beauty treatment. The evening was marked by enthusiastic feedback on efficacy and results, as well as enthusiasm for our research into new treatments. 


Beyond the unique experience with Eye Recipe, the evening offered guests an exceptional opportunity: the chance to test Innerskin's Visia 7 skin diagnostic. This cutting-edge tool aims to establish a complete assessment of the skin and face, with a particular focus on the eye area. The Visia 7 experience was a real eye-opener for guests, offering moments of shock as it revealed the current state of their skin. This in-depth diagnosis simulates the aging process, highlighting sun damage, red spots and brown spots. The bacteria present in the upper layers of the skin were revealed, providing an in-depth understanding of each skin's specific needs. 


At this Innerskin X Skin Office Paris event, the convivial exchange between guests gave rise to a vibrant and enriching dialogue on beauty issues. Guests discussed everything from personal care rituals to the latest trends in beauty products. Some guests shared their favorite tips for preserving youthful skin, while others exchanged recommendations on must-have products. Reflections on self-confidence and acceptance of one's own beauty also took center stage, creating a space for emulation and goodwill. 

Because you're never more fulfilled than when you radiate vitality, Skin Office Paris has just one mission: to reveal your beauty to the fullest.