Eye Recipe

It's travel season! No matter where you're going, you can't take the whole bathroom! With all the hustle and bustle, it's hard to choose among the skincare products we use every day.
We tell you all about the essentials you shouldn't forget!
Whether you're traveling by car, train or plane, prolonged exposure to heating or air conditioning can lead to a loss of moisture - the air inside a plane is drier and significantly dehydrates your skin, for example. What's more, your daily routine may change slightly during your travels, which has a direct impact on your beauty routine and your sleep. In such circumstances, it's hard to make a choice, which is why we're here to help!

Face Care: The Travel Kit 

Simple yet effective 

For those taking to the skies this season, the secret is to have a practical and effective routine: Small in size, but big in difference!
Think travel sizes for your favorite beauty products, making your routine more portable and compact. Generally, the rule is 100 ml or less... so no matter how you travel, Eye Recipe is the perfect size for travel! 

Back to Basics 

The optimal routine includes the basics and limits the number of products!
Make sure your skin is always clean and moisturized when you travel. This will keep you looking - and feeling - totally refreshed. Make-up removers and cleansers for the skin, as well as eye care products, are essential.
Opt for single-product routines that can be applied morning and night, like Eye Recipe, your ideal travel companion. 

The One Touch-Up 

For a quick touch-up as soon as you arrive, make sure you always have Eye Recipe by your side!
Want to erase the traces of a long journey, a sleepless night or jet lag? Our formula works effectively to firm skin with its immediate tensor effect and brightens the eyes, erasing the traces of a long journey.


Beauty Routine: The Holiday Checklist 

Protect your skin! 

Wherever you go, don't forget your sun cream!
Even in cold weather, it's important to protect your skin from UV rays, which cause premature sunburn and skin aging. Note that it's not advisable to put sunscreen around your eyes if you have fragile skin, so opt for a good pair of sunglasses to avoid allergies. 

Don't forget to hydrate! 

Whether you're packing for the mountains, the snow or the beach, your skin can be exposed to extreme conditions. So be prepared for changes in temperature or humidity. Wherever you go on vacation, your beauty routine should include targeted moisturizing care, such as lip balm and hand cream. Extra care for fragile areas like the eyes, which are prone to irritation, is essential - remember to adapt your routine to your skin, as everyone's skin is unique!

Eye Recipe: Your N°1 secret for your eyes 

Our Eye Recipe 20 ml eye care is the perfect complement to your minimalist vacation routine: use it morning and night for a revitalizing effect. Apply Eye Recipe to clean skin before your moisturizer for best results. 

The Massage Tool: Your SPA Moment anywhere! 

To relax, use our massage tool at the end of the day. It helps reduce puffiness, promotes microcirculation and drainage, and diminishes signs of fatigue.

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