Let's be ethical AND aesthetic.

Eye Recipe

Nothing says sustainable luxury like a packaging design that's 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Made from plant pulp, our eco-designed case opens like a book to reveal a new world of performance and beauty for your eye area. We offer you a case that perfectly reflects the naturalness of Eye Recipe and the eco-responsibility of Skin Office.

Resolutely chic fiber.

The creation of EYE RECIPE took up two challenges: to offer unprecedented cosmetic performance for the eyes and to guarantee a low impact on the environment.


The proof?

Eye Recipe contains 98.98% natural ingredients and its bottle is entirely recyclable. As is its packaging, made from 100% plant pulp, 60% of which is FSC-certified bamboo and 40% bagasse fiber from plants that are biobased and renewable every year. 

Not only biodegradable and totally clean, this material is also a concentrate of innovations for all the aesthetic audacities that the world of luxury demands.

True to Skin Office's "zero plastic, zero waste" ambition, the creation of our packaging has revisited the concept of packaging. 

No more wasteful boxes and cases, our packaging is now a protective case, molded and printed in our emblematic colors. 

Further proof that our ambition to be a key player in the reduction of plastic waste is not lacking in audacity or elegance!

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