The Eye Contour: The Epicenter of Facial Surgery

Key Figures

Each month, we explore a key figure, unique to the Eye Recipe product. This month, we explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of eye contour surgery and the importance of the eye in our perception of beauty and well-being. The eye contour is the primary reason for facial surgery. 


While we value our eyes as a major factor in the harmony and beauty of the face, it goes much further than that. Beyond its aesthetic importance, we often see it as a window to ourselves and others. It can express openness, benevolence or quick-wittedness, for example. 


 If our eyes are not misleading about our character, they are also a warning system. In the morning, it shows us our deficits and excesses, and reacts to external aggressions. It bears the marks of passing time and fatigue. In short, it marks quickly: the other side of the coin of fine, expressive skin. 


And where there are precious, sensitive eyes, there is a need to take care of them - whether for treatment or prevention. Because taking care of your eyes also means influencing their expression. It was this link between the benefits of a product and its wellness virtues that motivated us to create Eye Recipe. For example, a product that brings light to the eyes offers a solution to the dark look we fear in others. Enhancing the eyelid or reducing wrinkles means opening up the eyes and lightening their tired appearance. 


 "It all starts with the eyes". 

Caroline, 50 years old

"It's the first thing you see in the other person. I communicate a lot of my emotions through my eyes".  

Audrey, 45 years old

 "It conveys sincerity and emotion". 

How do you live with your looks? 

Taking care of your eyes means taking care of your image and self-confidence. 

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