A Freshness Boost


A Roll-Up that's always cold

Specially designed in zamak, known as a cold conductor (a dense, heavy alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper), the tool provides a cooling effect.
Massaging with the roll-up tip will help stimulate microcirculation, promote drainage, diminish signs of fatigue and reduce pigmentation that darkens the eye area.

After applying and absorbing Eye Recipe, gently massage the rotating part of the tool from the inside to the top of the cheekbone, about ten times around each eye. Then follow the same procedure from the inside outwards on the upper eyelids, before gently massaging in crow's feet and frown lines.
The cold, rotating effect, inspired by cryotherapy, enhances the effectiveness of the massage in its draining, de-fatigizing and decongesting action. We recommend that you devote a little time to this massage to perfect penetration, multiply the effectiveness of the treatment and help smooth and relax the eye contour area.


A big plus: Pressure Points

This is a specific feature of our massage tool. Located at the tip of the tool, the rotating ball is designed to stimulate acupressure energy points ( shiatsu massage ) and circulate essential nutrients for elastic skin, relieving tension and relaxing the eye contour area. using the rotating ball, and following the diagram above, apply light acupressure for 3 seconds on points along the meridian path near the eyes.

The first acupressure point to be stimulated is the one below the eyes, at the inner corner of the eye, near the base of the nose. Position the ball of the tool below the lacrimal gland. Apply very light pressure to the edge of the eye socket, making small circles.

Then move to the base of the eyebrows, on the inner side of the eyes. Apply precise, light pressure (you should feel a small hole or crack).

Next, place the tool on the third point: on the upper edge of the eye socket at the start of the arch of your eyebrows. This extra-meridian point is called Yu Yao. Apply pressure to this point for 10 seconds.

Finally, massage the last point located at the tail of the eyebrow on the outer side of the eyes. Next, go to the middle of the rim of the lower eye socket, and gently massage this point, which is located in line with the pupil when you're looking from the front, just above the cheekbones, moving back and forth very lightly and horizontally.

In the end, massage the point at the outer corner of the eye, starting from the orbicular bone. It's a flat hollow, so apply stronger acupressure for 10 seconds.

Carried out in conjunction with Eye Recipe, this massage and acupressure help to ensure the correct application of the treatment. In this way, they optimize its effectiveness, providing a freshness boost and diminishing the signs of time, stress and fatigue on your face.